A private collection of the rarest Natural Pearls in the world; a non-nacrecious Natural Blisters.

To a connoisseur, they are treasures that not even the finest South Sea Pearl’s can match. It is deemed more valuable due to it’s extreme rarity. It also cannot be cultured.

“I want to share the historical importance to my fellow Canadians and the entire World. Natural Pearl’s have been coveted and considered the most precious gems for over 2000 years. It is deemed more valuable and rarer than diamond’s and the most difficult to obtain.
As a proud Canadian. I carry Canadian values. I want to create environmental awareness of our ocean’s health using my collections of pearl’s. Natural pearl’s are the indicator and barometer’s of our oceans health. They can only thrive and grow in pristine and perfect water temperatures. Pearl’s are reflection of our delicate ecosystem. If the ocean does not produce pearl’s anymore our world is in – trouble.” -Abraham Reyes