A private collection of the rarest natural pearls in the world, non-nacreous natural blisters.

To discerning eyes, not even the finest of South Sea pearls can match the allure and mystique of non-nacreous pearls such as those found from the conch and the Melo. They are treasures without equal, made more extraordinary because they cannot be commercially cultured. They are the diamonds of the seas, crafted by nature and time.

“When we talk about the rarity of natural pearls, only those with tremendous luck can find these mysterious gems growing hidden in the secret crevices of the oceans. They are rare like coloured diamonds and their occurrence, totally without predictability. Hence, finding a natural pearl would be an experience that is indescribable.” – Abraham Reyes

This collection is made even more significant because it includes the Giga Pearl, the largest natural blister on record.

“As a responsible collector, I would like to share the beauty and significance of my collection with those who would otherwise be unable to see them for themselves. More importantly I want to use this collection to promote awareness of the need to protect and preserve our oceans and possibly all the wonders that remain hidden in their depths.

The deterioration of the health of our oceans is troubling. As was reported in May of 2019, during the deepest dive ever reported, American explorer Victor Vescovo claims to have found plastic at the bottom of the Challenger Deep. The Challenger Deep, at almost 11 kilometers below the surface of the ocean, is the deepest known point on the seabed. Mt. Everest can sink in it and still have two kilometers of water above its peak.

Pearls are known to be natural barometers of our ocean’s health. Their mother shells can only thrive and grow in waters under certain conditions. Using our oceans as our ultimate garbage chute cannot go indefinitely. Its ecosystem is fragile and everyone needs to be more aware of the need to clean and restore it to allow for it to host life that support humanity and perhaps once every thousand years or so, gift us with a wonder like the Giga pearl.” – Abraham Reyes